The STEPS Program…

Created by teachers for teachers, the STEPSProgram provides busy teachers with comprehensive character and faith building curricula covering personal development topics such as working togetherperseverancekindness and more. The complete lesson plans are comprehensive yet versatile and are ideal for use at school, home or camp. 

Conveniently packaged in two complete kits, STEPS Character Building and STEPS Foundations of Faith each include their own Teacher’s Handbook with lesson outlines and resources, 20 Student Workbooks, the Sing Along CD and an Award Certificate. Each boxed kit provides everything you need to pull off a successful time of learning, exploration and fun. 

Key Elements…

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Ages 4-12, Grades 0-7
40 Topical Lesson Plans
Teacher Handbooks and Lesson Guides
Student Workbooks
Sing-Along Audio CDs
Ice-Breaker Games
Discussion Primers
Coloring Pages
Make, Draw and Do Activities